Attention All Parents!!


Do you feel like your youth aren’t getting the tools they need to succeed in life from school?


You are not alone, many parents feel this way. Studies show that youth who have supportive adults outside the family have:

  • Better Grades
  • Better Attitudes
  • Lower Dropout Rates
  • Better Life Success

Teachers would love to give every student the attention they need, but due to closing schools, larger classes, and budget cuts. This is a challenging task.


If you are a busy parent who wants better for your youth, consider

Our Village, Inc.


Our Village is an Online Family Education and Coaching Agency that supports youth and their families. We provide tips to help families succeed emotionally, socially, and educationally. We accomplish this through:

  • Online support groups,
  • Live workshops,
  • Our online academy,
  • and Coaching via video conferencing.

See Where You Fit In Our Village